Food Safety

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the integrity of our food safety is our highest priority, since food borne risks are occurring problems that plague the food industry. We at Rehan Spice Corp seek to reduce the risks throughout the process and work with painstaking precision.

Quality Suppliers

Our established relationships with the best growers around the world result in enhancing the purity and safety of our imported raw materials. We employ the strictest criteria in selecting a qualified supplier. We stay diligent in finding the best suppliers to provide the quality that you need.


Spices delivered to our facility are treated with validated systems purifying it of pathogens. Our customized equipment uses integral cleaning systems to remove any foreign matter. We seek to meet your need for great quality by ensuring our finished products are always pure and safe.

One of our most important priorities is ensuring that our protocol follows U.S. regulations, food safety law and the best practices for our customers.