Industries Served


Rehan Spices Corp helps to supply thousands of restaurants across the states to support their operation.  We emphasize with the pressure that restaurants face maintain the quality of their dishes with unique spices. That is we offer a wide variety of our ingredients that are imported from the best sourcers around the globe. We want to help alleviate that pressure so cooks can have no second thoughts that they are working with the best quality. We are proud to be major providers to numerous Los Angeles restaurants.


Are you an ethnic restaurant or food service requiring the most unique ingredients?

Does your operation require consistent delivery of the freshest ingredients?

We have the capabilities to solve your challenges.

Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturers and the food processing industry are key cornerstone of our business.

We serve everyone big and small. No matter how small your operation maybe, we are always more than willing to show our capability to supply you with our quality ingredients. At the same time, we do not hesitate to provide you with bulk purchases. We have demonstrated time after time that we can meet the largest of orders in a given period.

Our customized milling and blending equipment allows us do any batch size and package it on lines of all speeds. We seek to help you overcome all the challenges of food processing. No matter how unique your needs are, we will meet them with merit.

Retail Grocers

Our role as a spice company in Los Angeles is to give our retail partners special attention into what kind of shoppers they are catering to. The quality we promise will always remain consistent and will be tailored to shoppers of a specific niche or demographic at retail shopping stores. With our expertise in finding the perfect product for you,

your retail shelves will be gleaming displays that anyone can be proud of to have. We provide various optimal solutions in packaging options, all shapes and sizes. Customizing to your needs is our specialty and it is why we thrive in the retail grocery store market.


Within our warehouse lies a medicinal goldmine fit to fill the numerous needs of health and supplement market. We are proud to supply a variety of herbs that support healthy immune system, antioxidant boosters, and probiotics that can be found in nutritional supplements, medical foods and the pharmaceutical markets. Because ingredient purity can experience degrade and can dictate the usefulness of the nutraceutical product,

we place great emphasis in maintaining the quality of our product delivery methods. Packaging and protection for dietary supplements is crucial to assuring the product’s successful delivery to the consumer. We take special precaution to preserve the medicinal aspects of the product on delivery.

Aroma Industry

Not only do the taste and flavor of our products merit the attention of many food connoisseurs, but the aroma provides useful properties in the aromatherapy industry. On the account of growing consumer awareness regarding the health benefits and negligible side effects associated with aromatherapy, we recognize the versatility of unique herbs ranging from corn mint,

eucalyptus, citronella, pepper mint, lemon, clove leaf, lime, and spearmint that can be used to create a sense of peace in one’s mind through their fragrance. Our wide range of aromatic products also allows us to bring a sense of peace to your mind by supplying what you need.

Tea Manufacturers

The tea industry has seen a growing demand ever since more and more people are aware of the benefits of green tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea and many other tea varieties. We merit our solid reputation for importing the finest tea to our vendors, thanks to our impeccable relationship with our global suppliers.

Since our most distributed tea product is green tea Los Angeles is the perfect location where our warehouse is settled to distribute to vendors everywhere. Our services are not limited to cutting, milling, sifting and granulating for tea. We are able to customize a solution to our tea vendors.

Ingredients Supplier

Rehan Spice Corp strives to deliver the best product performance and cost effectiveness to our ingredient suppliers. We understand your challenges we are on the few ingredient importers and distributors in Los Angeles in the unique position to achieve this goal. The combination of our custom

processing services that includes milling, agglomeration, steam sterilization and blending, and strict standards in quality assurance and food safety will make us the ideal candidate to solve your ingredient needs.

Specialty Distribution

Our search around the globe for the best spices has brought our attention to uncommon and exotic blends of spices and herbs. Thus, we eager to share this to our clients who have a particular unique need.

There is no request that is too uncommon for us to meet. Our versatility as importer and distributor allows us to bring to you a variety of ethnic and organic spices, seeds and herbs that you need to develop a potential market.