Whether you’re looking for bulk or small purchases,we seek to
make your work as a manufacture or distributor as smooth as
possible. We go out of our way to search the globe to provide
you the best quality products. We work to ensure that Rehan
spices and herbs will always exceed standards.



There is no limit to the range of variety in our spices list. If you are looking for the certain spice that packs a punch or a key ingredient to a climatic dish, Rehan Spices got it all. From exotic to tantalizing, there are not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe all the unique flavors of our spices that we have to offer.

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With concerns for the environment and the quality of our herbal products, we work to ensure that our list of herbs meet our strict standard on quality and high ethical integrity. All herbs from Rehan Spices are imported selectively and are custom picked at the peak of their season by skilled herbalists.

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Hibiscus Flower

Through our genuine relationships with our farmers and with our strong network of growers, our Hibiscus flowers come from specialized farming methods and strict quality assurance. Each of the flower varieties we have selected has its own unique color, flavor and uses in food and beverage.

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It is difficult to import Tamarind without compromising its unique freshness. That is why we at Rehan Spices Corp take special precautions to preserve its original quality.

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We offer a wide variety of nuts ranging from cashews to macadamia. We have the capacity to cater to any requirements of our clients as regards to quantity, regular supply cycles and packaging. We are able to supply any quantities to cater to your production requirements.

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Corn Husk

We strive to find the finest corn husks from the best importers, making sure that they are free from pesticides.

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Corn Husk


We supply black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans and many more. We ensure that our products are non-GMO. We import them, process them, packaged and provide it to you.

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Dehydrated Chilies

Rehan chili peppers are kept market fresh to maintain their divine flavors. Their fragrance and unique sweetness usually find their way into dishes at popular Chinese restaurants. We offer a superior variety of dehydrated chili peppers that leaves you endless options if you can withstand the heat.

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We have been importing and distributing high quality seeds from reputable sources all over the globe for the past 27 years. Our success is owed to our strong relationships with our suppliers and farmers to import the best quality seeds we have available.

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Dried Fruits

Our dried fruits are free of preservatives, artificial colors or other additives. They are dried at low temperatures to maintain quality and integrity of all the fruit’s vitamins and minerals. We source all our fruits from the best organic farms from around the world.

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For over 27 years, we have accumulated an impressive
list of quality spices, herbs, seeds, dried chilies and more.

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