Services Provided

Strategic sourcing

We at Rehan Spice Corps take care of the hassle of sourcing so you don’t have to be involved with it. Our solid relationships with countless suppliers from over 50 countries give us an edge in being able to provide you the best caliber spice, herbs and seeds, while staying true to our purpose of saving you time and money. Efficiency is our virtue. Our ability to stay up to date with trends in the extremely dynamic market of the spice trade allows us to deliver extraordinary quality and competitive prices at the same time.



Furthermore, we also deliver the highest standards with much diligence. All Rehan spices and herbs that come to our warehouse go through the most stringent inspections for quality before making their way out.

We stay true to our motto that “we serve everyone big and small” by providing our capability of making both small and large size deliveries. Our versatility allows us to customize a solution to your problem no matter how unique and uncommon it is.

Blending and Mixing

There are infinite amount of possibilities to many different combination of blends and no combination is too far out to be considered. We have all the means to bring your mixing ambitions into fruition and replicate the blend to your exact specifications. With the capability to blend small and large bulk batches, our blending lines offer optimum flexibility. We ensure that the product you receive comes out perfect from the lines through maintaining control of many factors that affect the final product. Our blending protocol seeks to minimize damages that commonly occurs in the process, to keep the right balance of humidity and temperature, to sustain freshness and quality and to provide convenience through customizable package that suits your needs.


Contaminants in products are always a recurring problem in the spice and herbs industry. However, we at Rehan Spice Corps recognize that processing is an art form and our mastery of it has been developed over years of experience in the spice trade.


Our sifting machinery does a great deal in isolating our products from dust and other contaminants and is able to process thousands of pounds of chilies, herbs and seeds per hour. They come up looking very uniform and appear almost “polished” as a finished product. Our efficiency in removing any impurities to maintain the integrity of our products gives our vendors a peace of mind when they are searching for a product they trust fully.


Not only Rehan Spices Corp does offer one of the best quality dry chilies, spices, herbs and seeds, but we also offer flexible packaging solutions to address any unique needs and challenges. No matter what size your order is, whether it’s big or small, we can deliver it. In our accumulated experience of over 27 years, we have provided assistance to thousands of happy and recurring clients and we never faced a packaging request that we never meet.

Our packaging method comes in forms of…
– Bulk packaging
– Sack packaging
– Batch packaging
– Bottle packaging
– Jug packaging
– Tin packaging