History Since 1986

33 Years of

For the last twenty-seven years, Rehan Spices has been importing high-quality spices, herbs, seeds, and dried chilies from reliable suppliers from all around the world. With a global sourcing power that spans scross 50 countries, we’re able to provide a wide range of high-quality spices, herbs , seeds, and dried chilies from various origins.

We source our product from countries such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Madagascar, Turkey, Spain, Peru, Guatemala, and more. With many global contacts, we are able to stay updated on the extremely volatile spice market. This knowledge of expertise allows us to offer the most globally competitive prices to all our customers. we understand how important quality is for our customers and their end product.

Food Safety

Where often our competitors will compromise quality for price, we will never compromise when it comes to quality. All of our products are inspected using a robust quality control process, where we make sure our quality doesn’t just meet your expectations but exceeds it.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the integrity of our food safety is our highest priority. We at Rehan Spices seek to reduce the risks throughout the process and work with exact precision.

Quality Suppliers

Our relationships with the best growers around the world assure the purity and safety of our imported spices. We employ the strictest criteria in selecting qualified suppliers to provide the highest quality spices.


Spices delivered to our facility are treated with validated systems purifying it of pathogens. Our specialized equipment uses integral cleaning systems to remove any foreign matter. One of our most important priorities is ensuring that our protocol follows U.S. regulations, food safety law and the best practices for our customers.

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